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your love story awaits


your love story awaits


Elopements are becoming more popular as the years go by. People are finding themselves not wanting to either pay so much or plan so much with the stress of a big wedding.


With elopements, you are free to plan as you wish, do as you wish, and be with who you want closely. It can be anywhere from having it be just the two of you at the top of the mountain to a hidden picnic in the woods with you and close friends. You can snowshoe, (I’ve done that with a couple!) ski, and have more funds to just have fun. There are close to zero time constraints and less stress while hanging out in the dress!


As your photographer, it is my job to find beautiful backdrops, recommend the best locations and get you ready for any weather. Rain, snow or shine, each one has its own beauty in brings to your photos and special day.

elopements are freeing 5



When planning an elopement or engagement, there are four main things you want to take into consideration. Let me guide you with planning your special day by providing a few tips below. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions. I want to help you be as stress free as possible on this day.





Planning out your budget is the number one. A photographer and a videographer are a few things you do not want to go cheap on. Photos can capture memories that floral and napkins cannot. Save up for that one photographer you have been eyeing. I promise it will be worth it. Check if some photographers do engagement and elopement packages, also. Usually they offer a discount for both!

Location can set the tone of your photos, mood and whole day. Looking for mountains or beaches? Going for dark and moody or light and airy? How about getting those deep red tones in Utah and Arizona. When planning, usually the photographer you pick will offer some location suggestions based on what you are looking for if you don't have an exact idea. Just give them the vibe you want!



Set a date. Think about the seasons where you want to go and the theme you are looking for. Trying to hike the highest mountain? Maybe winter isn't the choice. Looking for wildflowers and meadows? Mid-summer might be the best for you! Maybe the date is special to you, so you just work around what season it is also. Embrace it!



There are a few things you should look for in picking a photographer. Do you like their style? This may be what drew you to them in the first place. Bright and airy, timeless, or dark and moody. Also, location. Are you willing to pay for travel or is there a photographer nearby? Always schedule a phone call/video interview to make sure you like your photographer. If they make you feel comfortable, that is what is important.


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