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Travis & Lauren's Wedding | Coxsackie, NY

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

This beautiful couple came to Colorado in October of 2021.

I showed them some amazing spots as we waited out the rain that was there. Which by the way, it ended up being one of the best weathered days! Tip for Colorado peeps, wait out the rain and be flexible with the weather.

This year, I had the honor of being invited back to their wedding in New York to photograph their very special day. Travis & Lauren have been together for about 13 years.

There was a particular part of Lauren's vows that had stuck with me since their wedding in August and it went something like this - "This is a performance. You have always been my family and this doesn't make it any different."

The ceremony did end abruptly due to a family emergency, which no one plans for, but everyone stayed caring and helpful through it and we continued the day back at the reception once knowing things were okay. Travis and Lauren stayed resilient and ended up having a great time with friends and family for the rest of the night.

See for yourself...


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