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your time is valued


Taking photos is only one part of it. I believe the rest of the magic comes after. I believe the rest of the art, comes after. Your style, your vision. That's what I want to create for you. As photographers, we traded in the 9-5 work week job for a 24/7 passion that we think is not "work" so we stay up for hours editing. We put off other interests to edit and to do social media.

This is where I come in. I give you back that time that you've lost trying to switch over to your passion career. Once you are ready for some of that valued time back to simply read by the window or hike your favorite mountain without worrying about the next set of photos that need done, come to me. Let me recreate your vision with your direction and trust. We will work together on the vision of YOUR creation. I will just do the heavy lifting!

the process


Step One:

Connect with me! 
Email, DM, text, call, contact form.
My information for connection can be found all over my site as well as social media. 
Once we connect, I send a welcome packet that shows samples of my work and if I would be a good fit for your vision.

Step Two:

After viewing my welcome packet, if you decide to move forward or have any other questions, we set up a meeting. I'm available over the phone or through video chat and would love to talk to you about what you are looking for in your photos to deliver to clients. 


Step Three:

If from there, we decide to move forward, I send a brochure where you can choose anything you need! From photoshopping people out to adding in sparklers. There will be approximate turn around times to select based on your timeline. Once selections are made, you will receive a proposal that includes the contract and invoice. We keep line of communication open at any time after this. 

Step Four:

Delivery is made. Once you receive the photos back after time allotted, please give time to look over and let me know if any revisions need to be made before sending the final album to your clients. 


what I can do

  • Photoshop fire/sparklers/bubbles/butterflies/sun rays/snow/veils & more.

  • Photoshop people/objects out & in.

  • Color correction in Lightroom.

  • Photo Mechanic for culling.

  • Color match your photos. 

  • Straighten your photos.

  • Blemish touch up. 

  • Create a cohesive theme all the way through.




Request Brochure

Brochure will be on it's way in the next 24 hours! Thanks for the request!

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