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Why Two is Better than One

The last blog post was about what questions to ask your photographer before hiring.

This blog will touch on one of the questions for photographers and clients!

"How many cameras do you use?"

It is not an insulting question at all. You should almost expect the photographer have at least two cameras and if not, have a plan for any accidents.

Reasons why to have two cameras for big events:

Well, why not?

Accidents happen ALL OF THE TIME.

And they don't happen to you until they do. You know what I mean?

  • Rainstorm

  • Dropping

  • Spilling drink on it

  • Malfunction

  • Tripping with it

  • Even theft.

Again, you don't believe any of this is going to happen to you until it does.

"I don't own two cameras, what are my options?"

  • Rent. Rent a camera. Whether it's a bit older than yours or even newer. You can use it as a back up or test it out if you would like to buy it in the future. This will be one of your best options.

  • Borrow. Ask a friend. Ask your community. Ask a family member. See if you can borrow a second body from someone.

  • Buy. Buy a second camera, even if it is older or not as good as your primary one, at least you have a plan for backup.

Your client wants to know you can take care of everything. They want to know that you can problem solve.

If you find yourself saying, "Oh, no I don't have a second camera." or "I only work with one camera." Also, practice saying "But I can get a second one in time for your wedding." The client does not have to know how or why or what you do. They also do not even have to know that you don't own a second camera and if you already preplan to rent one or have the option.

Other benefits of two being better than one...

  • Less switching of lenses.

  • Efficiency and streamline process.

  • Security in mind and stress.

  • Try out different cameras (when renting)

Winter WonderGrass 2022 - Cameras in use:

Nikon Z6 + Nikon D780


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