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Try These Maternity Poses

After getting a few maternity photoshoots under me, here are a few tips that work for me and the parents.

Key Tips:

  • Have a list of poses to do so you don't run out of ideas. I will give a list here!

  • When going into the photoshoot, always make sure "mom" tells you how she is doing and is very clear on what she can and cannot/will not do. Her and baby are priority.

  • Tell "mom" to bring comfortable shoes if she wants to change.

  • Bring baby props! Ultrasound, shoes, books, etc.

Nikon D780 | Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8

Maternity Poses/Prompts to Try:

The Lead Away:

  • Tell the mother to take the fathers hand and lead him down the hallway to the baby's room.

Forehead Touches:

  • Tell your couple to touch foreheads, close eyes, and think about what kind of parents they want to be.

The Opposite Snuggle:

  • Use opposite directions to pose them, looking or physically facing.

  • First photo, they are looking in opposite directions.

  • Second photo, they are facing opposite directions.

Use Props:

  • Utilize the use of props!

Mom By Herself:

  • Always get a few of the mother by herself. My favorite is to have mom be at an angle and look over her shoulder.

It helps to have "dad" as the ultimate hype man! Ask him to cheer her on and give her compliments.

The Close Up:

  • Let your couple know you are just getting close ups of the belly and hands. Then they can relax and chat away.

Walking Towards You:

  • Simple yet effective. Have the couple walk towards you and look at each other, chat a little, and make sure "mom" has a hand on the belly.

These are just some of poses/tips and tricks I do.

They take up the full 2 hours I have as a package, as well.

Great for beginners especially! Most of these allow the couple to be natural with each other and gives them a bit of freedom, while you get to take amazing candid photos.

The one thing I say the most is, "Love the belly! Touch the belly! The belly is everything!"

So there is always a hand on the belly!

Maternity used to be something I didn't like shooting, but turns out, once a few people came to me and my photos started turning out, I realized I have quite a good eye for them. They are absolutely something I would like to continue and once I do, I'll come back with more tips. ;)

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