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Styled Shooting (What are styled shoots for?)

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Ever wonder how photographers get some great shots of some unique styles?

Most are possibly from styled photoshoots.

What are styled photoshoots?

Styled shoots are put on by another photographer or group of photographers for the most part to get together with others, create a scene with models and other vendors for you to photograph, to either build your portfolio or to connect with others.

They can have different themes to them such as

  • Picnic engagement

  • Gothic elopement

  • Bridgerton Wedding

  • 70's Hippie Vibe engagement/wedding

These are just a few that come to mind.

Who goes to a styled shoot?

Beginner and advanced photographers. In the middle photographers. All photographers can go to a styled shoot. Some may go to build for their portfolio, others may go because they love the concept and want to test their creativity more.

What is the difference between a styled shoot and a workshop?

A styled shoot is where you are able to do what you want creatively. You don't have anyone telling you what to do with your settings, angles, poses or time.

A workshop is what you invest in to learn. Lighting, boudoir, landscape, business. A workshop is where you are there to learn about a specific subject and do have a teacher giving you tips and correct ways of doing things. Or just other ways of doing things.

How do I find styled shoots?

There are so many ways to find them! Instagram tags such as #styledshoots #coloradostyledshoots #photographyshoots. Make sure to use your location tag, as well.

You can contact some local photographers or head on over to their website or social media to see if they are planning anything. Get involved in your local photography pages on Facebook.

What does a styled shoot look like?

A styled shoot can have up to 12 photographers with multiple models doing different things! Vendors will contribute things such as flowers, cake, props or clothing.

Most styled shoots will split photographers up into groups for the set time of the shoot, then after for a few minutes, you are able to kind of do your own thing or try to get any shot you were not able to get before. Fill in some last minute ideas.

All in all, a styled shoot should be fun for you! It should be a chance to test your creativity without the need to get it perfect. Take some chances with others before testing them out on your paying couples. You could want to get more portraits in vs couples. Take more detailed shots vs wide angle shots.

It's a chance to go outside of the box.

One of the biggest tips I received at a styled shoot is to branch off on your own for a minute with a model and get something no one else has, because since everyone has the same vantage point at the shoot, most are getting the same kind of photos.

Here are some of my photographs from styled shoots I have attended.


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