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Lucidity Festival 2023 | Live Oak, CA

Updated: May 21, 2023

Lucidity Festival...more than just a festival.

It's an experience.

It's a journey. A story.

Lucidity strives to create an adventure within its community. It does this through music, art, dance, movement and knowledge. There is a little sprinkle for everyones journey at Lucidity. It's exploring the unknown. Following the story and then choosing your own adventure. Adventure often requires courage, determination, and a sense of curiosity. Lucidity allows that curiosity to guide one through the experience they have envisioned for its friends and family.

There are multiple parts to the festival within the last 9 years that can be found here: Lucidity Festival Story

While I am only lucky enough to have experienced and capture festival photography for the 10th part of the story and the beginning of the Fourth Trilogy, I can only dream what the last 9 years have been like.

festival photography

The 10th part, The Great Synthesis, focuses on "All There Is". The solidarity in unity. The vision that everything and everyone is all one entity. Merging previous archetypes with the elemental villages to bring the experience all together.

Be who you are now. Trust who you are within the world, now.

Wander around the grounds, take a stroll off the beaten path and into the unexpected places that could include the trixsters, dreamers, lovers, warriors, healers and nomads of each of the elemental realms from before, all joining as one.

festival photography

During this vast experience, there is something for everyone of all shapes, heights, ages, sizes and color. Kids laughing, elders dancing, and both experiencing movement and mindfulness within during the workshops provided.

There was no bad music throughout the grounds, from about 11am to almost the wee hours of dawn the next day, there was something going on. Folk, indie, blues and jam to dubstep, trap, chillout and glitch hop.

From day to night...dancing, laughing and being.

Did you stumble onto the Liquid Bloom set? Notice the soundscape he creates, his music incorporating elements of ambient, downtempo, and tribal music, creating a hypnotic and meditative soundscape. Liquid Bloom brought the fusion of ancient and modern sounds, creating a transcendent and transformative musical experience.

festival photographer

While exploring, maybe you caught some of Gone Gone Beyond's blend of various genres such as folk, electronic, pop, and world music to create a unique and eclectic sound. Maybe you stuck around to enjoy their sound of dreamy, atmospheric and lush production with organic instrumentation such as acoustic guitar, piano, and percussion, as well as electronic elements such as synthesizers and samples.

festival photographer

Maybe the lights and lasers caught your eyes as darkness fell. Maybe you caught Maddy O'Neal's vibe at the Lucid Stage. Her ability to create a balance between heavy bass and intricate melodies, making her tracks both danceable and musically engaging drew you in. The playful and upbeat vibe with a sprinkle of funk and jazz gives something for everyone to enjoy. Oh yeah, and did I mention lasers?

Closing the night and weekend out on the main stage was Ivy Lab. Talk about lasers and lights, that is exactly what happened here. Ivy Lab's music ability to create a balance between hard-hitting rhythms and intricate melodies and harmonies, results in danceable tracks and engaging beats to keep you moving all night long. Maybe you noticed the futuristic and experimental vibe during the set all while incorporating cutting-edge production techniques and unconventional sound sources.

You know what they say, never miss a Sunday set.

Take a look within.


Live. Dream. Become.

I hope your journey through Lucidity could be seen through the eyes of my lens, but there are some things that just can't be explained, no matter how hard you try.

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