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How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Everyone wants to know...

Everyone wants that picture Pinterest perfect photo.

People are no longer just smiling into the camera. We are "doing things" in front of the camera.

We are posing.

We are fixing our clothes.

We are twirling.

We are packing props on our hikes.

So, how do we get that amazing selfie?


  • Tripod.

  • Self-Timer.

  • Camera/Phone.

This is the tripod I have from amazon.

So far, it works great. It is a little heavy if you will be hiking, so I do have a lighter one on my radar when the cash comes in.

However, in the meantime, I have a smaller tripod that unfortunately Amazon does not have any more.

If I were to get another small one, it would be this here.


  • Self timer.

  • Remote control/Phone.

  • Interval timer.


Phones and cameras both have this option.

With a phone - open up the settings, find the self timer option - self explanatory.

The camera is a little trickier because you are going to want to focus on your subject, you.

How I accomplish this is taking my tripod and placing it where I will be standing, walking away from the tripod to where it would go, focusing manually on the tripod.

Mark my spot with an X, grab the tripod and place it where it is going to go, on the X.

Your subject should be focused.

Set your timer on self-timer. You can do this by turning the dial at the top of most DSLR's, or finding it in the settings section, or YouTube works great!

You have a few options for self-timer, also.

Example: You can have it wait 10 seconds, take 7 photos, waiting 5 seconds in between each photo.

Pro Tip - Before taking a lot of photos, make sure to take one then check the focus of the image before continuing. Nothing worse than taking a bunch of out of focus photos!

Camera - Nikon Z6 Mirrorless

Camera Lens - 35mm Nikkor Z series


my most used method.

Most cameras these days come with an App - specifically for Nikon, Canon, or Sony, that allows you to be able to take photos from your phone and look at them on the screen while in front of the camera.

Most of these are WiFi (not internet) or Bluetooth based. Once you have it downloaded, connect it to the camera.

You are able to adjust settings manually from the phone and click on where you want it to focus. It also comes with a self timer and you can put the phone down.

CON TO THIS METHOD: Do not exit out of the the app, or you have to reconnect all over again. At least, for Nikon, I find it to be a pain.

If you are looking for a remote control for your phone, this is the one I used and it works really well.

Just connect it to bluetooth and it will automatically snap the shutter once the button is pressed. You can still set it to self timer and it will start the self timer.

chair in this photo:

Camera - Nikon Z6

Camera Lens - 35mm Mirrorless Z series


This can be used for a lot of cool stuff. It's mainly for DSLR - Mirrorless camera use.

Making a gif, capturing an action movement, and even time lapses of the sky.

For now, I will share with how to take a selfie.

I would set up the way I did with the self-timer mode. Setting up focusing and where things are at.

Then once you are set up, time to get to interval timer in settings.

You can pick the times, the hours, the minutes and the seconds with how many photos it shoots.

For example - I want to take 5 photos every 10 seconds for 10 minutes.

Understanding and changing these settings can be found on YouTube for your specific camera.


ONCE you have picked a method that works for you.

Get snapping.

Get creative.

happy clicking.


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