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Gigi & Nyah, Pet Mini | Steamboat Springs, CO

Pets are more than just property to us.

They are our family.

Our family where the humans around may not have understood us.

The family that doesn't need to say words to express their feelings.

They are with you every step of the way, bringing their special quirks along with them.

I hosted a few pet mini sessions for fall and Christina jumped for that opportunity! Volunteering Gigi and Nyah for a beautiful but much cooler scene. It had started to snow and rain during our planning and we had to reschedule at least twice, but they say, third time is a charm!

Luckily, we were patient enough to wait and give the weather time to act out until the perfect day was set and by perfect I just mean less cold and wet than the others.

Let's see what Gigi and Nyah had in store for us on this day.



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