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Andrew & Solana | Aspen, CO

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Andrew and his girlfriend (now fiancé) were going to be visiting Aspen soon. Andrew reached out to me asking if I could capture some photos of him proposing. We went through a few different options on locations before settling on a cute park nearby the ski hill and downtown Aspen. He mentioned she wanted to walk somewhere they could see the mountain!

One thing about proposals is always be ready to change locations quickly, as she might not be interested in doing what was planned in the first place, so improvise!

It's around 10am in the morning, I'm hiding behind my vehicle for them to walk up to the park. I tell him where to stand so I can see her reaction and everything falls into place!

At first, she didn't want to walk through the snow, but he did some great convincing.

And here's how it turned out....


Nikon D780, Sigma 70-200mm

After the proposal, I offer a mini session to show off the ring to family!

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