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Anders Osborne | Levitt Pavilion

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Part of the free concert series at Levitt Pavilion was a headlining show, Anders Osborne.

I had never heard of his music before this.

But after some research and being able to see his show, I enjoyed it!

He is known as one of the greatest guitarists to come out of New Orleans, LA.

The style of music is a mixture of jazzy blues, funk and rock.

The crowd was buzzing and dancing to his music, some it seems had been long time fans, while others came for the free show and just got to listen to a very talented band play.

No matter what side of the coin the crowd fell on, they had fun either way.

The opening act was Rob Drabkin, a local to Denver music, bringing his mixture of folk music and rock sounds to the stage.

Rob Drabkin - Levitt Pavilion

Rob Drabkin - Levitt Pavilion


Anders Osborne - Levitt Pavilion

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